Outstanding service: hassle-free pick up and drop off, regular shipment status updates provided.

  • Annabelle Krieger
  • 10Jul 2024

I appreciated how quickly and cautiously the movers worked while still ensuring each piece of furniture was properly wrapped and protected for transit.

  • Sheridan Keeney
  • 22May 2024

We are so glad we chose your company for our move, as the service provided was top-notch.

  • Mercedez Hatch
  • 22Apr 2024

Thanks to Moving to France' impeccable service, my move was completed smoothly from beginning to end.

  • Erika H.
  • 09Apr 2024

The moving process went smoothly thanks to the incredible help from these friendly movers.

  • Hillary M.
  • 21Mar 2024

I am extremely pleased with the level of service provided by France Moves during my move - they were punctual, polite, and handled all my possessions with care.

  • S. Kenny
  • 11Mar 2024

Diligently provided accurate assistance during my relocation process.

  • Tess Barfield
  • 28Feb 2024

I could not have asked for a better moving company than Removals to France.

  • L. Ledbetter
  • 11Feb 2024

Removal Firm was fantastic! They surpassed all of our expectations for our big house move.

  • Taj Sander
  • 01Feb 2024

We are immensely thankful for the outstanding service provided by the movers here.

  • V. Robins
  • 22Jan 2024

My belongings arrived at my new place safe and sound, thanks to the careful handling by France Removals movers.

  • Jazmine S.
  • 05Jan 2024

The group of workers that came by were friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Christin L.
  • 18Dec 2023

A change in employment had me needing to move home and after being recommended France Movers by one of my closest friends, I couldn't be happier with the results! They worked perfectly and finished really quickly whilst charging fees that compared favourably against what others had given me as quotes.

  • Kenna Murrell
  • 01Mar 2023

The booking process was simple, the movers were prompt and after a quick brief, just got on with it all. I've already recommended Removal Firm to some of my friends who are moving.

  • Jill Martinez
  • 18Jan 2018

Moving to France moved my belongings to my new student accommodation last week and they were great. They made moving out of my family home and into student accommodation really easy and my fellow housemates used them afterwards as well and said the same. I would certainly recommend them!

  • Lucinda C.
  • 02Oct 2015

I'm a single parent and so always having to be careful with money. When I moved home, I knew I would have to hire a professional removals company which to be honest, I thought would be really expensive. I asked my boss which company he'd used for our recent office relocation and told me it was Removals to France. He said they had done a great job but that also he'd been really surprised at how cheap their moving services were. I called them on his recommendation and they gave me an excellent deal which took all the money worries out of my house move.

  • Joe E.
  • 08May 2015

I have lived in flats and apartments my whole life. Having moved in and out of many of them, I know how tricky the process can be. That's why when you find a good flat removals service you have to praise them when you can. I simply can't fault Moving to France; they did a tremendous job in moving me from my old flat into the new one. They planed the entire thing from start to finish, navigating every nook and cranny without causing even a single bit of damage.

  • Jadyn Coley
  • 16Feb 2015

There's nothing you can expect more from a removals company than what Moving to France offered. For the affordable fee they work on and for the short notice I gave them, they were more than amazing. There's not one scratch on my furniture or electronics and these people were amazing from all points of view! This is the very best service provider I have ever worked with! I will always recommend them to my friends!

  • Deandra Doughty
  • 29Jan 2015

I'm a University graduate and as soon as the final term was over I needed to leave Uni halls of residence and find a new place to live. I was so nervous... about to embark on my new life and without a clue of how to move my belongings, books and bed! That's when I discovered Moving to France who provide moving vans for a fee, which is what allowed me to pack up my own belongings and drive them back down to my parents house until I find a place of my own.

  • Julisa Santillan
  • 24Nov 2014

I recently used the man and van services of Moving to France. They were absolutely brilliant, from booking a quote to dropping off the last item in my new house. The driver was friendly and polite and did a great job. As a company they showed how professional they were at dealing with my relocation. The benefit was that I not only got a skilled driver but also a qualified loader and unloader. The cost of the service was good too.

  • Devante Gage
  • 12Nov 2014

Hiring this company for your house move is a great decision for you and your family! I thought I had everything prepared for my moving day but it would have been a complete disaster without the help of Moving to France and their experienced house movers! I can't believe how easy everything was with their help, and I didn't need to worry about lifting my furniture or getting it into the van. Everything from the service to the van to the movers was nothing less than excellent, and the whole day was worth every penny just for the stress it saved me!

  • Norma A.
  • 07Oct 2014

Getting to know that team from Moving to France I found that I had a really great bunch working with me. They were very much dedicated to getting the job done in the fastest way possible, but also to ensuring that nothing was rushed to the point of accidents. It suited me right down to the ground, and seeing as the money was not too high, I was able to get the whole thing done quickly and cheaply, which was a massive bonus!

  • Geovanni Fine
  • 27Aug 2014

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