Moving to another country is a great idea, and in this modern age it’s a lot easier than you’d think. There’s plenty of transport options, and with the the Internet being as advanced as it is, it’s never been easier to book flights, look around international homes and see the sights. However, even with the convenience that the modern age gives us, an international removal can still be a time consuming process. There’s a lot of planning, packing and hard work to do. But don’t despair, at the end of it all you’ll be rewarded with a new life in a whole new country, with brand new culture to experience. Plus the weather will probably be more pleasant than rainy Britain.

So how can you make international removals a quicker and less stressful process? The simple answer is; make sure you hire the right moving company. A moving company is a useful service when moving within the UK, but it’s value cannot be measured when moving internationally. Well, as long as you hire a reputable one with experienced staff that are used to dealing with international moves. Here are some tips to find the removal firm that’s right for you;

When looking for one of these international moving firms, be sure to do research. And when I say research, I don’t just mean typing ‘international movers’ into your search engine of choice and picking the cheapest one that comes up. You should definitely be more thorough than that. Price should not be the first priority, you should be looking at credentials and convenience first;

A mover that’s based close to where you live is usually a good start, that way you can get in touch with them face to face to see if they’re worth hiring. That, and when it gets to moving day, they have less distance to travel and have less reason to be late. And as a result, the moving process will be more smooth and efficient as a result.

When researching removal companies, be sure to look for customer review web sites – you know, the ones where customers give their opinion on services that they’ve used. These are the best ways to see whether the moving company you’re considering is worth your time. If other customers have been consistently saying that they had a smooth and pleasant move thanks to them, then it’s a safe bet that they’re worth your time. And if the opposite is being said, then cross them off the list and look elsewhere.

Now that you’ve found an international mover that’s convenient, reputable and reasonably priced, the actual moving day will go much smoother and take up less time than it would if you were doing the move yourself. However, the move itself isn’t the only part of the process that’s time consuming, there’s also the packing. So to wrap this time busting article up, here’s are a couple of quick packing tips;

-Make sure you have enough supplies before you start. Have the right amount of boxes, bubble wrap, labels and packing tape to go around. If you run out of materials while packing, you’ll have to waste time getting more, so only start when you’ve got it all.

-Only take what you feel you’ll need. Larger furniture and white goods might end up being impractical and overly expensive to ship due to their large size, so it might be worth selling them on and re-buying them once you get to your new home. This will also save time on the packing process.

By hiring the right international mover, and being smart with the packing process, you’ll be in your new home before you know it. You can then slow everything down and start your new life in your new home of your dreams. Take a look around, take in the sights. Be sure to do this part at your own pace, though.

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