Planning and preparing for a removal is hard enough when there are no children on the scene, but if you happen to be blessed with children, you will soon come to realise that the words children and removals do not go well together.

Children do not like change, and removals mean change, and lots of it! Not only will it involve a change of home but it will also involve a change of street, neighbours and potentially even a change of schools and friends. This is definitely not what your children desire, which is why it becomes so difficult to get them used to the idea of moving.

However, getting your children involved in the removal can make them more accustomed to the idea, and can even make them more excited, meaning that they will be less difficult to deal with.

A good way of getting your children involved is by letting them be a part of the removal from the earliest stage possible. Since they will be no good at helping you plan or sort out any financial issues, they should be able to help you pack.

Asking your children to pack items from their own rooms is a good way of getting them involved. It does not have to be anything difficult such as clothing or ornaments etc. but something simple like packing toys or stuffed animals will be just as significant. Other items which they could pack include items found on their desks, their CDs or games etc.

If you feel that your children are too young to pack their own items, then you have the additional option of asking them to help you pack. This could involve something simple like making boxes, labelling them or simply keeping the duct tape safe so that it can be used to seal the boxes.
This will make your children feel like they are a part of the family, and that they too are worth something. This boost in confidence is only going to have a positive effect on your child, and their attitude towards moving.

Each stage of the removal can be an adventure. Imagining scenarios and role playing can make the whole process a lot more fun, not just for your child, but for you also. Pretending to be spies, pirates, undercover police men etc. will keep their imagination going, and will keep their thoughts away from the fact that their surroundings are about to change forever.

The same procedures should be applied once you have arrived at your new destination. Allow your children to have a look around the place and if possible, allow them to choose their own bedrooms.

When it is time to unpack, get your children involved and ask them to help you. You could do this by letting them unpack their boxes and allowing them to arrange some of the items according to their preferences e.g. toys, stuffed animals etc.

Similarly, you could ask them to help you unpack. Giving them simple jobs like unwrapping items will make the biggest difference to your child.
If you are going to decorate the house, allow your children to pick out their favourite paints or wallpaper coverings, and allow them to take part during the decorating process. Once again, a little paint play between the whole family can create a happy atmosphere which will leave your children feeling happy, confident and safe.

Getting your children involved in the removal process can make all the difference to their attitude, making your job that little bit easier.

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