To find nice quiet place, that looks like a small village and is welcoming and cozy, and at the same time close to the heart of one of the biggest cities in Europe and the world, is not impossible. If you have decided to look in the north western part of the capital, your spot will be the Ruislip district.

Though the district is inhabited from very long time (there is information that it existed from the 13th century) it is not locked in time and does not look ancient. The oldest buildings are the charm of the area and they all are reconstructed, made more secure and turned into spots of the historical heritage, which many people would love to see and photograph.

It will be not much time that you will be spending in the region, until you find out about the great site of the local lido. This is place named after the district, which is an artificial beach spot and a reservoir. Its presence and maintaining during the years gives excellent opportunities for the residents of the area and the surrounding districts to spend nice time and enjoy practicing water sports, when the weather allows it to be done. It is good both for swimming and boating.

Important part of the moving process is the way you will show your gratitude to the guys from the moving company, who have helped with the carrying, loading, unloading and anything else that came up during the relocation. It is accepted for this sort of services to be tipped, like the waiters in the restaurant, the piccolo or the guy that parks your car. But remember that nobody can judge you if you decide to skip this part and give no tips.

There are some hints that will help with your decision how much money to give, in case you are positive that you have to give any tip. The sum of twenty pounds for the territory of London is acceptable. If you give more than that, this means that you are very delighted with the services. You can also exceed the twenty pounds if you have held the guys too late in the evening, or too far after the scheduled time for the moving. Extra tips can be given when the furniture or any other things that were carried up and down the truck were too heavy, too old or broken, and the movers put extra care to the service.

You have to put your hand dipper in the pockets when you have required services that are not connected in your contract with the moving company and the guys were still ok to land a hand with it. There is no rule for this situation, only you know what you have negotiated with the movers, so anything that is not mentioned in the contract fits into this paragraph.

When you already know that the normal tip equals to twenty pounds for a person, you just have to multiply it on the number of the people that did the moving. So the for the most common case of three people working as e team for a regular home removal, you have to prepare sixty pounds. It is better to give the money to the head of the team, if there is one. Otherwise split the money and give the twenty pounds to anyone personally.

Less than this money per a person is not good idea. You better give only your recommendations, incase you do not have enough money to tip the guys according to this rate.

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